Studio Design Plans & Ideas

I have the opportunity to redesign the studio at my new job. I love designing new spaces, especially ones that I'll be working in all the time! The studio space needs to function as an office, a floral design and creation space, and a place to create, repair, and design new props, displays and art installations. There's always a lot going on and a lot of things that need to be stored and accessed by multiple people. Above are some great ideas I've found and will probably be adopting for the new space! 

Scallops all around!

trend scallops

So I'm obsessed with scallops. I have been for a while, the obsession doesn't seem to be fading. I want to wear them, and decorate with them, and celebrate with them. I want to drown in scallops. I thought it would be full to do a little roundup of scallops from the fashion world, the home decor world and the wedding world because SEE?! They look awesome everywhere! 

Bangles, Shoes, DIY Table Cloth, Bowl, Ring, Dessert Display Backdrop

Playful Products

Playful products

Links: Radio, Bento Box, Pineapple, Cords

I'm loving all these pretty items above. The colors are pumping me up for summer, I've got to say, a pretty color palette can sell almost any design! I mean those pineapples?! Too bad they aren't sold in the US, everything else is though! And that iPhone cord set, Bando has a new line of all sorts of awesome products, these cords are just one of the awesome things in their new store. I think it's time for some shopping! 

Home: Outdoor Oasis

outdoor backyard accessories

We're opening our pool tomorrow! It probably won't be warm enough to swim for a couple more weeks, but we wanted to make sure we don't miss one good pool day this season! I'm SO excited for summer. Now that we are in our house, with a pool and a fenced in backyard, every nice day is amazing, and there is nothing I love more then hanging out in our back yard! In the image above, I've collected a couple things I think our backyard needs this summer! 

1. gold flamingos (this could be the easiest DIY ever and it would be adorable)  2. Antler hose rack (and a gold hose!? Yes please!)   3. Food Net (so pretty to keep all the bugs off the burgers!)   4. Hanging seating (no good trees to hang them from, so I'd have to get creative)   5. Rolling cooler (so awesome)   6. Bocce Balls (because every backyard needs games)

Home: Sofa Shopping

comfortable deep sofa options

Since we moved in to our new house, I've been dying to replace the sofa in the "man cave" the sectional we have down there currently was the first big piece of furniture Chris and I bought together when we moved into our first apartment almost 7 years ago. It's a big brown suede L-shaped sectional with loose pillows on the back. It's not in terrible shape or anything, but it doesn't really fit the basement in this house (the L completely obstructs the fireplace) and I'm 100% over the brown. So I'm looking for a replacement, preferably something grey with really deep and comfy cushions, if we need to get rid of the sectional shape (which I think is the best thing we can do for that room) we need it to be super deep so we three (me, Chris and Mr. Lincoln, our puggle) can snuggle comfortably while Truman (our mastiff) can hang out on his bed at arms distance) while we watch Game of Thrones and other guilty pleasures like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Here are three options I'm liking right now, but I have high hopes that I'll be able to find something for a good price at the Restoration Hardware outlet that's sure near by!

option one, option two, option three