Gift Guide: Deck the Walls


Time to deck their walls! I'm a big fan of giving art as gifts. Many people fail to buy art for themselves, which is a shame because I really believe what is on the walls of a room can really make or break it. Above are some great pieces for men, women, babies, the art enthusiast, the wood worker, the car lover, and the chef!

  1. Gold Ice Cream Cones: I love these gold dipped ceramic ice cream cones, 3D pieces of art bring great dimension to any art display! 
  2. Laser Cut Art: This is a great little art piece for the person who is into technology and graphics. the laser cut wood with color popping through is just so cool! 
  3. Gems and Jewels Watercolor: Frame up these little cards for a lovely little art collection, for the lady who loves bling! 
  4. Joinery Poster: This is a great piece of art for any wood worker or DIYer. 
  5. Laser Cut Letters: The perfect piece of art for a baby's room! Alphabet prints are always great for a kids room, and this laser cut wood alphabet is a great take on a classic.
  6. Ford Blue Print: Perfect for the man ow women who loves cars! This is really a perfect Dad or Husband gift! The blueprint really elevates it to art instead of the standard car photo.
  7. Kilim Painting: Such a pretty watercolor pattern! 

Gift Guide: The Fashionista


Some gift ideas for classy and fashion conscious ladies! Clothes can be a tough item to pick out for someone, so here are some great alternatives that will make any fashionista smile!

1. Velvet Clutch: Adorable for any outing, a wedding or a nice bar, I'm obsessed with this bag.

2. Paper Fashion Print: This is an x-coworker of mine, she is so super talented, one of her fashion illustrations would make a lovely addition to the walls of any home!

3. Perfume Roller: This little perfume roller can be filled with their signature scent and kept in her purse. It's one of the prettiest perfume rollers I've ever seen!

4. Lovely Heels: What can I say about these? Fabulous!

5. Brass Colored Pencil Holder: The loveliest pencil holder of all time! Perfect to hold the pencils for anything from writing notes to doing a little fashion sketch of their own!

Gift Guide: Furry Friends


Do our dogs know it's Christmas? Probably not, but they do know something's up when a big ol' tree is in the house and they aren't allowed to pee on it! We have two dogs and we spend way more money on them than we like to admit, but come on! Those faces! These are some of the things I'm thinking of buying our pups for Christmas, along with lots of treats and bones!

Dog Paw Dog Bowl:

I am obsessed with this dog bowl! 1.) it's elevated which is great when our dog Truman splashes water all over the floor as he drinks (elevated means it'll evaporate instead of making water rings on my wood floors). 1.) It's amazingly cute!

Rope Leash:

Love these pretty rope leashes from Fab!

Doggie Duvet:

We swear by Molly Mutt! Instead of buying a standard doggie bed which usually run from $50 to $300, we buy these "Duvets" it's great because they are basically just the outer shell and you can stuff them with old close or stuffing from an old destroyed dog bed! An extra plus, they come in GREAT patterns and colors at a great price!

Tie Dye Collar:

 Love this collar with the gold accents, we bought a similar one a while ago for Lincoln and he looks so sharp!

Doggie Drink Fountain

- Our dog Lincoln will whine at the bathtub and then jump in when you turn on the water, thats how much he LOVES to drink strait from the tap. This would be a wonderful doggie gift!

Gift Guide for Newlyweds


We all have some newlyweds to buy for! For the holidays or perhaps for an upcoming wedding! These are some great and thoughtful options.

Mr. & Mrs. Cutting Board

: Because all newlyweds should receive at least ONE "Mr. and Mrs." (or Mr. & Mr. or Mrs. and Mrs. because this shop is awesome has those too!) and this one is so darn cute!

Love By Numbers:

I custom design these, they're sold in my shop, all the dates, colors and wording are customizable, as is the city map in the background!

His & Hers Glasses:

These are cute and simple little glasses by Kate Spade, so cute!

Anniversary Wine Box:

This is an adorable little box that you can fill with wines for the couple to drink  on their anniversaries and then keep to store things that are special to them.

New Home Coordinates:

This is an adorable customizable piece of art, with the latitude and longitude of their new home together!

Gift Guide: The Meat Lover


Though for most people these would probably be the perfect gifts for the men in their lives, but I have to say, I would be all over the monthly meat box!

  1. Meat Shredders: These shredders are the perfect gift for the man who is all about making his own pulled pork! Delish!
  2. Praise the Lard Print: Some art for the meat lovers! These are the greatest series photos!
  3. Personalize Meat Brand: For the griller, a personlized brand so no one can mistake who cooked their steak to perfection!
  4. Dehydrator: So no scrap of meat will ever go to waste! A dehydrator will make the perfect jerky, dried fruits and more!
  5. Meat Smoker: The perfect add on to a grill so they can smoke their meat to perfection!
  6. Monthly Meat Box: For the person who has everything, get them a gift that lasts all year! A monthly delivery of an assortment of delicious meat!