Bright Painted and Gold Foil Wedding Save the Dates

Sometimes you get to work on a design that seems like it's going to be tough but then turns out great. This was one of those designs. I was a little worried when I was told the color palette was yellow orange and coral, I was a little unsure how it was all going to come together, but I have to say, after playing with a couple watercolor washes and font combos, I worked with the large hand done calligraphy names and modern serif font, and it all just worked!

You can see the first proof options below. This is a little sneak peek into how the whole process works, these were the couple initial digital proofs which we edited and ended up with this final design. I was so happy when this was the design they went with, is it the one you would have picked?

Watercolor Winery Wedding Suite

watercolor winery wedding

I finished this suite a little after the new year, Ginger had found an earlier design I had created for another winery wedding which she liked but knew she wanted to make it a better fit for her wedding. She loved the watercolor, but as she's a bold bride (she'll be wearing an amazing bright coral dress!), we knew we wanted to make her watercolor brighter and with a little more punch. I created these custom watercolors, with a more modern take on grape vines, and then did the accent scripts by hand in watercolor as well. We're just gearing up to start work on all her day of extras and I'm getting super excited for all the bright and bold fun!

Custom Wedding Save the Date: Patterned Gold Foil!

custom wedding save the date with patterned gold foil, white black and gold

I have so many new designs to share! I just haven't had the time to write about them, but I couldn't wait any more to share some of the fun! This design is one of my favorites this season. Megan & Bryan loved Celia and Ben's save the dates, and wanted to bring a little bit more of an industrial flare to it to tie into their venue and overall look. They knew they wanted to use gold foil, but we decided to give it a bit of a masculine feel by going with this AMAZING patterned foil, It's gold and black which gives the whole thing a bit of a worked metal look and feel. With an organic "metallic dust" pattern around the edges for just enough shimmer, it all came together perfectly with a black envelope, and a kraft paper address wrap and liner. I'm still hard core in love with this sucker! It's been crazy town over here, but I'll do my best to share all the prettiness thats been happening in the coming weeks! 

masculine gold foil wedding save the date

Time for Disney!

Custom Disney Vacation T-shirts

I'm off to Disney World tonight for my little cousin's 10th birthday! I've always thought my family was above the whole matching family vacation T-shirt thing, but yeah, we're not. Hallie wanted to wake up in Disney when she turned 10, and wanted as many of her favorite people there as possible. We figured it was time to go all out, so I designed these t-shirts for our whole gang to wear on Sunday to the Magic Kingdom for Hallie's day of Disney birthday fun. (Sorry for the bad pics by the way, I'll take some better ones when we're all wearing them!) I used to make the T-shirts and they were really great, they had a really good assortment of styles and no minimum order for different colors. I figured if we were going to do matching Ts, I could at least get a bunch of different styles and colors so we wouldn't be all Tanner Family Vacation (anyone remember that Full House episode?) So as I'm on vaca, I'll won't be posting until next Tuesday or Wednesday. Have a great weekend kids! I'll be posting lots of Disney pics on Instagram during my trip, so feel free to check in there!