A Revolutionary Gala


I'm just coming up to the end month three at the new job! As you can imagine, it's been a little nutty between all the work there and here at Wouldn't it be Lovely (hence the lack of blog posts of late). I wanted to share one of the first events I had the pleasure of designing for Pepper's! You can head over to the Pepper's Blog also to read in a bit more detail about the whole event, but I wanted to share the photos and what I got to work on here!

First was the cheese display, I love being able to create fun new ways to display all the delicious food that Pepper's has to offer. Next was the rum bar, with copper mugs, floral arrangements and the amazing wine barrel tables that Pepper's rents out. Being able to work with flowers is one of my new favorite things, even though I am so NOT a morning person, I never mind waking up at 5am to head into the Boston flower market!

Then were the centerpieces! The client wanted something vintage and fun, where each table was a little unique vignette. I actually did some serious antiquing for this one, choosing everything from vintage teapots to metal beer steins. Then was finding enough books! I was about to find about 100 vintage books but that meant there only about 5 per a table, and i needed more like 10 per table, so I scoured my house (I read a LOT) and my parents and in-laws houses for hardcover books which we painted navy and a deep forest green and hand painted gold details on the binding to make them feel a little older. The consistency there really helped the displays from feeling too busy, which was a HUGE plus. 

book and flower centerpieces

Last but not least was the dessert display! We wanted this display to be a bit more opulent than the other decor, a final decadent display if you will! So with some gilded mirrors, a flag bunting backdrop, and some gold partridges, it couldn't have been more perfect!

revolutionary colonial dessert display