It's almost vacation time!

I'm getting PUMPED. It's been a CRAZY six months. All the invitations I've designed for this wedding season (June-October) are out! I've got a handful of winter weddings this year, and lots of day of designs for October to still work on, but the crazy busy time has passed! Between that and starting the new job, (which I'm LOVING) life has been a little crazy, with very little time to breathe. So with all that, you can only imagine how excited I am for VACATION!!

The hubby and I are off to South Africa in just four days! It's been a trip we've always wanted to do, and it seemed like the perfect time. We're starting out in Cape Town, where we'll see penguins, whales and sharks, crazy colorful neighborhoods, do some amazing hikes and eat tasty food. Then we're off to Madikwe for a safari, where we'll see elephants (if you followed the blog when we went to Thailand last year, you know how I feel about elephants), lions, giraffes and more! I haven't really had time to think about it much and it's just now that it's really hitting me! Ekk! Any one ever been? Any tips?

I'll be sharing pics when I can, but I'll be on vacation, so no promises, but I'll definitely have pics and posts when I get back! I have a couple posts ready for while I'm gone, be sure to check in next week to see one of my FAVORITE designs from this year. We did gold foil letterpress and it's AMAZEBALLS.