Pretty Office Necessities

office supplies

Sometimes I get the urge to splurge. Right now, my mind is on office supplies. Sometimes having pretty and functional supplies makes working easier and even a little more fun. Above are some items I'm loving.

Folding Ruler: I like these so much better than measuring tape. They are SO much prettier and easier to use. This red one is perfect. 

Brass Pencil Holder: This holder gives the ideal writing instrument a little more heft, which as a designer I really appreciate. Also, brass is so very in right now.

Patterned Mouse Pad: No real functional advantage here, but it's gold and pretty, so I'll pretend it works better than my standard mouse pad. 

Footed File Holder: I always like to have my most pressing and pertinent work files and mail close at hand. Then, as I read/ finish things, I'll file them away in a more permeant location. Also When this sucker fills up, I know its time to deal with things! Plus, it has paws, so yeah, it's amazing.