Disney Birthday Weekend

caitlin spaulding disney

So today is my birthday!  I go back and forth at this point about whether or not 29 makes me feel old. I'm typically mistaken for a college student so I'm still ok with getting older. Except this weekend, at Disney, my body FELT old. I mean MAN my feet and back hurt. Also, staying up until 4am for extra magic hours has basically annihilated me for the week. It was a really awesome weekend though, the main reason for the trip was my little cousin's birthday (hence the t-shirts) but it was a nice overlap with my own birthday. Chris (the hubby) had been traveling for work and couldn't come, so it was with some family and one of my friends.  Disney really is my happy place. As a designer I always notice the thoughtfulness of design and amazing details that are all around you, no one does it better. We did Universal for a day too, and though Potter was great, it'll never be Disney World. I thought I'd share some pics from a truly awesome weekend!