Wedding Favors That Guests Actually Want!

great wedding favors

Sorry for the relative radio silence last week! As wedding season gets into full swing, things get crazy. Hopefully I can get back to my post a day this week! Maybe even try to squeeze in a home DIY in the next week or two! So, to start of the week right, lets talk about wedding favors!

I'm a big fan of not wasting money on crappy favors. No one wants a tulle bag of almonds, and man are candied almonds EXPENSIVE! I just put together a favor of candied almonds for a wedding, it was a tradition the bride and groom wanted to honor, so to make it cool, we did them in little jars with a bunch of unique details, I'll share some pictures after the wedding! That being said, if you are going to do favors, how about doing something you're guests will actually appreciate!

1. Coasters- To save money, make your favors do double duty! These place cards can also be used as coasters at home. So though the wood place cards may cost a bit more, they are infinitely more useful and likely to be kept by your guests, therefor- no need for an extra favor!

2. Seed Packets- for the nature lovers, and the price conscious! Fill some little pouches with seeds for the guests to plant in their gardens.

3. Make a Display- Hang little baggies full of treats from a tree. They make a lovely vignette and  filling a bag with tasty treats is always a good idea!

4. Edible Favors- Favors that fill you up are never forgotten by your guests! Some cake in a jar with your wedding logo and a little spoon is delicious and sweet!

5. Hand Warmers- For a cool fall afternoon, offer your guests some hand warmers to make sure they stay warm and cozy!

6. Sun Glasses- Grab a bunch of inexpensive sunglasses for your guests to keep the sun out of their eyes on a bright summer day! This is something most guests for get and greatly appreciate!