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We're opening our pool tomorrow! It probably won't be warm enough to swim for a couple more weeks, but we wanted to make sure we don't miss one good pool day this season! I'm SO excited for summer. Now that we are in our house, with a pool and a fenced in backyard, every nice day is amazing, and there is nothing I love more then hanging out in our back yard! In the image above, I've collected a couple things I think our backyard needs this summer! 

1. gold flamingos (this could be the easiest DIY ever and it would be adorable)  2. Antler hose rack (and a gold hose!? Yes please!)   3. Food Net (so pretty to keep all the bugs off the burgers!)   4. Hanging seating (no good trees to hang them from, so I'd have to get creative)   5. Rolling cooler (so awesome)   6. Bocce Balls (because every backyard needs games)