Wedding Guest Book Options and Ideas

wedding guest book ideas

I wrote a guest book post about a year ago, but there are really so many great options that I thought it was time for a round two of wedding guest book options and alternative ideas!

Scrapbook: Take a scrap book to the next level with frames, mini envelopes and patterned washi tape. by combining different colors, fun patterns and 3D elements, it makes a staple item beautiful and special. 

Messages in a Bottle (1 & 2): Whether you have all your guests write notes for one giant bottle or multiple smaller ones, this is a great item to pull out when celebrating an anniversary. Read all the lovely notes from your nearest and dearest to remember your special day. 

Globe Notes: I will always love a world globe, this is a great way to display your guest book year round. Have everyone write a little note on the globe and then keep it on a book shelf so you can take a spin and read a message from your family and friends. 

Velvet Book: If you want to go traditional, why not make it absolutely stunning? These velvet embossed guest books are to die for.