Sneak Peek: Wedding Invitations

subtle neutral beach wedding invitations

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday, having a life over the weekend meant I didn't have time to blog! NYC was fun, but way too quick, I didn't get a change to see everyone I wanted to since I was only there for a day and a half. It was a lovely and much needed break full of shopping. friends, and way more wine than I should drink the day before a 5 hour bus ride home. 

I have a little sneak peek to share today. This is the first physical proof for Heather and Joe! I'll be sending it in the mail to them tomorrow to review. We got an early start on them, so we have time for more than just digital proofs. In tighter timelines we don't always get to do this, so it's nice when we do! I'm working on four invites simultaneously at the moment, printing two (which I'll be able to share soon), finalizing the design on another (the one shown today) and working on the first draft of the fourth. I'm hoping to have them all in a good place before I head to Disney World at the end of the month for my cousins 10th birthday! Because once I get back from that, it's time to get started on the extra details for all the summer weddings and the invitation designs for all the October ones!