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comfortable deep sofa options

Since we moved in to our new house, I've been dying to replace the sofa in the "man cave" the sectional we have down there currently was the first big piece of furniture Chris and I bought together when we moved into our first apartment almost 7 years ago. It's a big brown suede L-shaped sectional with loose pillows on the back. It's not in terrible shape or anything, but it doesn't really fit the basement in this house (the L completely obstructs the fireplace) and I'm 100% over the brown. So I'm looking for a replacement, preferably something grey with really deep and comfy cushions, if we need to get rid of the sectional shape (which I think is the best thing we can do for that room) we need it to be super deep so we three (me, Chris and Mr. Lincoln, our puggle) can snuggle comfortably while Truman (our mastiff) can hang out on his bed at arms distance) while we watch Game of Thrones and other guilty pleasures like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Here are three options I'm liking right now, but I have high hopes that I'll be able to find something for a good price at the Restoration Hardware outlet that's sure near by!

option one, option two, option three