Weddings: Signature Drinks


When planning a wedding, one of the big questions is whether or not to have an open bar. Though most people have VERY strong feelings about the matter, it can be a pretty big cost at any wedding. One of the ways to mitigate that cost, is to limit the drinks you offer. I always suggest to offer a couple kinds of beer and wine, and then choose one or two signature drinks.

  1. Hot drink in a chocolate cup: For a winter wedding, there are lots of delicious warm alcoholic drinks to choose from. That being said, I was watching "GIRLS" on HBO the other day, and Hannah was drinking out of a chocolate cup that you could EAT once you were done. Any wedding that had edible chocolate cups would automatically become my favorite wedding of all time!
  2. Custom Labels: Another way to make the drinks at your wedding special is by having custom labels designed. You can go the traditional route with your names and a wedding logo, or do something that tells a little story about your and your future spouse!
  3. Special Stirs: Add some adorable stirs to your drinks to make them even more special, like these dino stirs and confetti topped stirs.
  4. Straws: Another classic that never fails to make me smile, are these adorable striped paper straws.
  5. If you want to go the extra mile, and avoid long bar lines, set up a serve yourself bar tap station like this one!