Weddings: School Sweethearts


As someone who is married to their highschool sweetheart, I have a special little spot in my heart for weddings that have a schoolyard love story behind them!

1. This wedding brings to mind vintage classrooms with the chairs and trunks, but classes it up with all the lovely floral arrangements and accessories.

2. Brown Bag Favors: I love these favors that are reminiscent of brown bag lunches of school days past.

3. Wedding Pop Quiz: I am all for fun activities that keep guests entertained in the transitional points of the ceremony and reception, and who doesn't love a little bride and groom trivia?

4. Kiddie Dessert Bar: There is something endearing and sweet about a dessert display that isn't full of fancy shmancy desserts, but rather all the tried and true childhood favorites!

5. Growing Up Together: in lieu of more traditional flower pew decor, hang photos of the bride and groom throughout their lives, starting as kids and progressing to adults as they go down the aisle. These are actually from my wedding. Chris and I had been together 10 years before we got married, we started dating at 14 and 15! I hung photos from all our years together along the aisle.