Weddings: A Book Worm Wedding


As an avid reader, I've always been enchanted by weddings that incorporate books in their decor. Above are some lovely and creative ways to do so!

1. Written Runner: I love the idea of writing out some of your favorite book passages and using them as table runners. You could even name the tables after your favorite books and pick the passages accordingly!

2. Book Centerpieces: I'm always looking for alternative centerpiece ideas. Combining some old books with moss and other elements like this version makes a lovely and memorable centerpiece! It'll probably be significant less expensive than a floral centerpiece as well!

3. Posing with your favorite books, or with spouse how-to guides like these couples is seriously adorable.

4. Another lovely book centerpiece.

5. Hanging book decor: by layering book pages that have been torn out and reassembled in this lovely manner, you are left with some beautiful decor that are sure to add an element of romance, like right out of a love story! (DId you like my little cheesy word play there?)

6.Last but not least, my favorite, a book huppah! I mean really, it's perfect.