Save the Dates in Progress...


It's funny how wedding season starts in the dead of winter when you're in the wedding biz! I've been  working like a maniac since the beginning of the year. With 7 weddings on the books so far, between May and October, it's already panning out to be a busy and exciting year.

Today I'm sharing some process pictures for a set of save the dates I'm working on. I'm really excited about this wedding. The bride has an awesome vision that I am so excited to help bring to life. I've been ordering some beautiful Japanese papers that I'll start running print tests on in the next couple days. As you can see, I've also been playing around with a couple different calligraphy styles for their names on their save the dates.

In case you've been wondering, my typical home DIYs have been put on hold this week and possibly for the next couple weeks unless I miraculously find myself with time on my hands! But have no fear, I'll be filling that space with lots of process photos of all the wedding projects I'm working on!