Friday! Booyah!

I wanted to share a local wedding photographer with you all (a photo of hers above)! Her name is Aubrey, we met over cupcakes yesterday to talk weddings and puggles. She's super talented and great to work with! We were both lucky enough to work on Sylvia and Brian's wedding last summer. So if you're looking for someone, give her a ring! 

On a personal note, it's been a long week. I'm off to Georgia on Sunday, so I've been working double time so I don't fall behind on the mountains of work on my plate. I'm doing some art student portfolio reviews in Savannah and Atlanta, and I'm pretty excited. I love checking in with art schools and design students to see the haps. I do the RISD portfolio reviews every year, and this is the first time I'm visiting other design schools and I'm curious to see the differences. Plus, it's the South, so it's GOT to be warmer than here, which is a huge plus! Have a great weekend!