DIY Cork Bead Trivet

I saw this lovely trivet from West Elm not too long ago, and thought it was really something! Here's the thing with trivets though, they take up space in the kitchen that I just don't have to spare. I decided to do something a little different with my DIY version, I made it a string instead of a circle. As a string of cork beads, I can hang it from my utensil rack when I'm not using it, and connect the ends to make a circle when I am. It's pretty genius, I'm giving myself a pat on the back!  All you'll need are 10 1.24in cork balls, 4 1in cork balls, and a length of string. The full how-to is below:


Luckily this DIY is so easy it doesn't need much more explanation after the pictures! 

  1. Tape the end 1.5" of the string so it's easy to thread
  2. Drill holes in the center of all the cork balls. I used ten 1.24" balls and four 1" balls, I used two of the larger with one of the smaller in-between. 
  3. Thread your first "bead" the follow it up with a knot in the string, this makes the whole thing more flexible at the end- think of a string of pearls.
  4. Once you've strung them all, tie a standard knot at one end, and a loop at the other that's large enough for the bead at the other end to fit through.
  5. Fini! (That's a nice french " finish" for you!)