Save the Dates: Sneak Peek!

Some more in progress photos today! I thought it would be fun to share some of the first digital drafts a client receives, so you can see what they look like! For Celia and Ben, we were aiming for something modern, with a classy bohemian flair. We started a board on Pinterest together, to really hone in on the look and feel we wanted to achieve.

The first drafts were so much fun to make. I pulled out my paintbrushes and went to work, creating watercolor washes and gilded backgrounds!  For text layouts, we wanted to keep it simple and add interest with the backgrounds. I worked up a couple of layouts and backgrounds for them to choose from. Above are some of the options I did, always with the understanding that they could take pieces they liked from one and match them with elements they liked from another. When designing, I always try to work up multiple pricing options if we're still undecided on layout and materials. This is why you see variations of designs, some meant for postcards, others meant for envelopes. It's always nice to have options! I didn't include the one they chose, the big reveal for that one comes in a couple weeks!