Day of Extras: Glitter and Glam

Ok, So I know it's been a while! Work has been strait up crazy. I was all excited for October to bring in the end of the wedding season. I was all "WOOHOO! a break".... and then five seconds later I got like a million inquiries for the more and more popular winter wedding and weddings for NEXT wedding season. Which is awesome, but also means that whole break thing hasn't really happened. I have piles of things that need to be photographed and shared, but no time to do said things. So just as I was ruminating the fact that I hadn't written a blog post in about a month, the photo fairy came to town! Caitlin and Mike, who's wedding I worked on this summer (check out the invites here), sent over some of their day of shots of all the extras I designed for their big day! Their photographer, Julia, from Julia Jane Studios, and their second shooter, Stephen from Stephen Wang Photography, took some really great photos of all the extras... 


So for her extras, we stayed with the same look we had created for her invitations, we did a seating poster to let guests know where they would be sitting, place cards with their meal choices called out, stickers for her favors, and last but not least, some pretty programs! So hopefully I can get back into at LEAST a blog a week again.... here's hoping!