A Rustic Wedding

Rustic Romantic Wedding Ceremony decor, flower garland, custom marquee sign

SO many good things in this wedding I designed through Pepper's a couple weeks ago! Matt and Sandie came to Pepper's for all the delish food, and then met with me for all their style and design! I wanted to share all the pics here, but you can head over to the Pepper's blog where I go into a bit more details about the whole event. Long story short, I got to do lots of pretty flowers (with the help of my assistant at Peppers) plus build lots of cool things from old salvaged doors, add in lots of custom signage and plenty of styling of props, and it was basically a perfect weekend for me! So take a look at all the pretty things and head over to the Peppers blog if you want to read about it in more detail!!

Old Door Wedding Photo Backdrop
Rustic Wedding Door Table and Suitcase decor
Rustic Wedding Bar and Food Display Table