Our Bathroom Color Palette: White, Black, Gold and Wood


patterned ceiling, black shower fittings, white tile bathroom, black and white powder room, black and white floor, brass faucet.

Now that the kitchen is done, I've been gearing up for our next big renovation, the bathroom!  As it's a pretty standard sized bathroom, aka small, I want to make it feel as open as possible. I like the idea of white walls, shower, sink and toilet, with black, brass and wood details. I'm torn between black and brass for the fittings. Brass is back is a modern and fresh way, I just can't decide if it's too trendy. Will I get tired of it after a year or two? I know I can bring in brass in other details like the mirror and maybe the legs if I end up building the vanity myself. I also love the idea of bringing in a bold pattern on the floor or ceiling. Oh I get so excited about new projects!