Having a Kid Friendly Wedding

A common question when planning your wedding is whether or not to invite kids. It usually depends on the family, the type of wedding you're having and how big or small you'd like your wedding to be. If you decide to include kids on your guest list, here are a couple ways to make your wedding a bit more fun for the little people. Plus, if the little people are happy, chances are, the adults are too!

Give the kids something to do during the ceremony: Even as adults, sometimes a wedding ceremony can feel like it goes on forever. Keep the kids happy with a coloring book program (maybe with cartoon versions of the bride and groom for them to decorate and gift to you?), or little games included in the program is a great idea too. 

Have a kids corner: set up a place during cocktails and the reception where kids can gather to color and play games. 

Have a "self serve" appetizer and dessert bar: having easily accessible snacks for kids and adults alike avoids "hangry" (hungry anger)  guests. Plus, then the kids don't have to wait for their parental units to find something for them to eat.

Have table games: these are fun for kids and adults, but for the kids, put out this "I spy" printable from Martha Stewart with a disposable camera, you'll probably end up with some adorable photos!

Lawn games: these are always a hit. Put out a series of games to keep everyone occupied before and after the ceremony. 

Set up a sitter: whether you designate some of the teen and tween aged guests to watch over the little ones, or even hire someone to keep the kids out if their parents hair, the older guests will greatly appreciate knowing that they have help keeping their kids entertained. Even better, plan for the sitters to take the kids up to one of the hotel rooms to watch a movie and maybe catch some shut eye so the parents can party the night away!

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