Custom Wedding Invitation Design Process

I am often asked how the design process works when creating custom products. I thought I would share how the process for designing a wedding invitation usually works. 

Step One: We talk, sometimes in person, and sometimes on the phone. We get to know each other, I learn a little bit about you, your fiancé, and your wedding. We talk about budget, about things you love and the things that you hate! You ask me as many questions as your little heart desires!

Step Two: If you decide to go forward, you make a down payment and I get to work!

Step Three: We share! We build a Pinterest board of things that might inspire you for your wedding day. Anything from fashion, colors, decor, and flowers will help give me a clearer idea of what you want!

Step Four: I start sketching, and working up quick mockups in paper and in digital forms. I send bits and pieces, getting feed back from you as we go. I give multiple font, and layout options. The design process can be as collaborative or as hands off as you want it to be!

Step Five: I put together a digital mock up. This digital draft looks as close to reality as I can make it. Then we edit anything that needs changing until we've created a perfect design for you! 

Step Six: I proof the print, color match and check sizing of the text and layout to make sure everything looks just right!

Step Seven: I print out a final draft so you can feel the paper, see the colors and check the fonts and lettering in person. Then make final edits or give the good to go!

Step Eight: You pay the remainder of the cost for your wedding invitation suite and I order all your supplies! Then your invites are off to the metaphorical press!

Step Eight: I print, cut, assemble, and address your invites so they are all set to go! I head over to the post office with one of your invites to get it weighed and find out the exact postage needed. I then pack them in a pretty box, order them alphabetically, and hand them over to you.  All you have left to do is lick the envelopes and put on the stamps (unless of course, you want me to do that for you!)

Step Nine: You send them in the mail. Your guests open them with delight and behold your lovely and personal wedding invitation!