2014 New Year Resolutions

With the New Year comes resolutions. I'm not really big on them, "loose weight," "give up chocolate" and the other standards always seem like someone saying they are planning to learn how to fly this year. So here are a couple basic things I want to be better about in general, and now seems like a good time to lay them out....

Reach out more- I'm not big on phone calls, and as my friends are all over the US, that means I need to make an effort to see and talk to them. I want to be better about sending text messages, snail mail, and making the occasional phone call to remind people that I love them and am thinking of them!

Look good- so this is about taking the extra effort to look like a polished adult. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, it can feel a lot of effort to blow dry my hair, put on makeup and heels. But here's the thing, I ALWAYS feel better when I do those things. People are just nicer to you when you look cute, I know I get way more help at the hardware store when my hair looks nice! So here's to not giving in when I want to dress like a shlub.

Turn of tunnel vision- I am a focused person, I can work for hours and hours and completely forget the rest of the world exists. Though this is a great quality in lots of ways, but I can sometimes forget about all the good things around me, and taking an hour to relax with my husband and dogs, or go out to dinner with some friends will not make me any less of a designer!

Learn something new- no matter how old you are or what you're doing I think it's super important to learn new skills! I'm thinking screen printing might be something I'd like to try.

Be a better business woman- I love love love designing for Wouldn't it be Lovely, but I HATE marketing, accounting, and networking. I think this is a pretty common problem with designers. I do what I do because I LOVE it, but really, I need to learn to love the business bit too!

Here's to a New Year! May it be everything you hope for and better than the last! As great as 2013 was, I'm hoping for even bigger and better things in 2014!