Events: Custom Beer & Wine Labels


My Uncles party for the 30th anniversary of his 20th birthday was this past weekend (aka his 50th birthday party). Unfortunately I was in Asia and couldn't go, so I sent these custom labels in my stead. Custom designed wine and beer labels are always great fun at a wedding or party. These were designed with all sorts of references to his life, some obvious, and some less so. Some of the more obvious, the names: his surname, his nickname, and his alma mater. The establishment date, aka his birthday. Less obvious, the towns of his birth, college, his childhood phone number, childhood vacation spot, the ski-area where he learned his rocking ski skills, the reference to growing up in a funeral home with the "may contain formaldehyde". The batch number referring to him being the fourth child, the "taste notes" calling out the fact that he only ate peanut butter cups and drank mountain dew throughout college. My favorite little call out is in the ingredients area: referring to the joke he always tells about himself and his siblings: "Beth-Ann got the brains, Joe got the left over brains, Michael got the talent, and all I got was damn compassion" I hope he enjoyed them and had a wonderful birthday!