DIY: Airtight Penny Jars


When we redid our kitchen, We put in this shelf for all of my baking ingredients so they would be easily accessible and not take up valuable cabinet space. I wanted to use penny jars because they have the side opening so I wouldn't need to take them down to open them. The one problem? They aren't airtight, which means my brown sugar would turn into a brick and my cookies would get stale, etc. etc. I decided I would find a way to make them airtight and a bit cuter! This is how I made my penny jars sealable and airtight! 

It's a very easy project, it took me a total of 15 minutes to do all seven jars. I drilled holes in the cork, and put in these little drawer knobs I found on sale and was done! I bought the jars here, they come out to about $9.25 a piece. The cork lids I bought here, they are $4.35 each. Last but not least, the pulls were on sale at Anthropologie for $3.95 each, they are sold out now, but you can always find cute pulls on sale there! All together a very simple and adorable DIY project!