Bon Voyage... off to Vietnam & China


I'm off to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and Fuzhou China on Monday. For those of you just tuning in, this travel is for my "day design job" aka, designing kids shoes for Reebok, and I go twice a year. Though the trips have generally lost their shiny appeal (unless we're adding going somewhere new and fun to the tail end) I can say that I'm excited to trade Massachusetts' freezing winter for Vietnams balmy weather! Not pumped for my hair to expand to three times it's size because of the humidity though. There will still be daily posts while I'm gone, and I'll check in on Fridays with some travel tid-bits. I have lots of wedding things to work on while I"m gone though, so that'll be interesting! Luckily the plane rides leave me with plenty of time for such things!

On another note, I had to retire my first passport this trip! I never traveled out of the country until college, and this passport has been with me all over the world! I got extra pages for all my visas and stamps, and I'm truly sorry to see it go. I feel extraordinarily lucky to be able to travel so much with work and also personally because of the miles my husband and I have accumulated. Though I sometimes complain about my bi-yearly trips to Asia for work, it's allowed me to go to places I probably never would have seen otherwise, and definitely would never have become so familiar with! Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Main Land China are places that are so very different from the USA and so amazing to experience. So here we go again! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for fun things to share!

P.S. Isn't my new bag perdy? I love her! Got her at the Kate Spade outlet on sale!!