Gift Guide: The Meat Lover


Though for most people these would probably be the perfect gifts for the men in their lives, but I have to say, I would be all over the monthly meat box!

  1. Meat Shredders: These shredders are the perfect gift for the man who is all about making his own pulled pork! Delish!
  2. Praise the Lard Print: Some art for the meat lovers! These are the greatest series photos!
  3. Personalize Meat Brand: For the griller, a personlized brand so no one can mistake who cooked their steak to perfection!
  4. Dehydrator: So no scrap of meat will ever go to waste! A dehydrator will make the perfect jerky, dried fruits and more!
  5. Meat Smoker: The perfect add on to a grill so they can smoke their meat to perfection!
  6. Monthly Meat Box: For the person who has everything, get them a gift that lasts all year! A monthly delivery of an assortment of delicious meat!