Gift Guide: The Host & Hostess


 It's December! Which means everyone is looking for the perfect Christmas or Holiday gifts. The next two weeks will be a series of gift guides for all the different types of people we love! 

Today is all about the host and hostess, whether you're going to a party or just have someone who loves to throw the perfect get together, these gifts will be a hit every time!

  1. Cheese Labels: every party is made better with the perfect cheese plate, why not give these little labels to make it even better!
  2. Coasters: Every host needs coasters, and how lovely and unique are these wood laser cut versions? They are perfect little pieces of art.
  3. Slate Place Cards: This little package includes these lovely little slate place cards with wood bits to hold them up and chalk to write in the name of each guest. 
  4. Wine trays: The perfect addition to any party, these little trays hold your wineglass so you can actually eat your apps on the go! 
  5. Glasses: a lovely gift for a couple, these adorable Mr. & Mrs. glasses will be a welcomed addition to any bar cart or kitchen.