DIY Leather Cord Keepers


These leather cord keepers are a great last minute DIY Christmas gift! They are inexpensive and super easy! Each one only takes a couple minutes to make and you only need a handful of supplies. These make great gifts for the traveler and the person with more cords for their tech than they know what to do with! The full DIY is below:


Supplies & Tools:

  1. Ruler
  2. Heavy Duty Plier Kit for Snaps (you can get these at your local craft store they are about $20 and come with 5 sets of snaps) 
  3. Exacto Blade
  4. Martha Stuart Hole Punch (Also at your local craft store. It's intended for paper but I decided to try it on leather and it works AMAZINGLY and is so much easier than leather hole punches that you have to hammer. My husband was glad to get a reprieve from the pounding!) 
  5. Scissors
  6. Leather
  7. Snaps


  1. Cut pieces of leather 1in x 3.5in (this size works best for smaller cords, if you need them for larger cords, I would go for 2in x 6in and add another set of snaps)
  2. Punch holes in the pattern shown above, use the medium sized punch for the ends and the small punch for the holes in the middle
  3. Cut a line connecting the smaller holes as shown
  4. Using the punch pliers, follow the directions that come with the Pliers to attach the snaps, it's pretty strait forward. 
  5. Cut the ends of the leather to have a nice rounded shape.
  6. Thread the bundled cord through the straps and snap them together! 
  7. Done! 

If this is something you'd rather buy than DIY, this is where I got the idea!