Wood Trim, Keep It or Paint It?


Sources from left to right, top to bottom,

onetwo, threefour

I just saw the third picture in the collage above and it got me thinking about wood trim. The trend right now is to paint ALL THE WOOD EVERYWHERE in your house white. When the hubby and I moved into our house, thats what we did, but that's because all the trim in our house was CRAP. If your wood trim is thin, and not great quality, strait builders grade trim, by all means, paint it, it's makes a world of difference. On the other hand, if you have beautiful, heavy. well made trim, do not, under any circumstance paint it. It may look great for a while, and make you feel modern and trendy, but in the long run, you'll regret it, and future generations will rue the day you decided to do it. As shown in the pictures above, you can have a trendy and modern looking home and keep your beautiful wood trim!