Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Decor


Outdoor ceremonies can be so memorable and unique! Though it can be stressful checking the weather every day leading up to your ceremony, when you get a beautiful day, nothing is better! One of the challenges of outdoor ceremonies is deciding how to decorate and define your ceremony space. These are some of my favorite ideas to make your outdoor ceremony memorable.

  1. Streamer Pew Markers: This is such an easy and inexpensive alternative to floral pew markers, and after the ceremony they can be great fun in photos!
  2. Program Mailboxes: I love this idea to hold all the programs at at outdoor ceremony. It's so sweet and a great way to keep them from blowing away on a windy day!
  3. Door Aisle Entry: I've seen a couple iterations of this idea. You can even set them up in such a way that two of the ushers can hold them before the bride starts walking down the aisle, blocking her from the guests until she reaches the aisle, then moves them aside before she starts her walk down the aisle. That way you can still have a grand entry in an outdoor setting!
  4. Hanging Garland: Hanging ribbons or garland from trees is a great way to add a little extra romance to an outdoor ceremony. They add something special to the site and make for great pictures.
  5. Hanging Lace Rings: This is a super simple and impactful decor idea. Just buy embroidery hoops in a variety of sizes from a craft store, stretch lace in them and then trim the extra around the edges. When you hang them from trees they can be a lovely backdrop as you say your vows, or create a perfect picture spot.
  6. Balloons: Using large round balloons placed around the perimeter of your seating area helps define your ceremony space, creating a more intimate feel. Make sure not to use too many, in a setting like this, less is more!