Fireplace Fillers


1. White Books

2. Colored Books

3. Log Ends

4. Log Sides

5. Miscellaneous Whimsy

6. Bones

We have one fireplace in our house, and unfortunately, it's not in the living room. It's in the man cave. Also, when furnishing the mancave, we kept our old, VERY comfortable couch. Alas, that couch has is a lounge sectional and the only place in the room that couch fits, puts the lounge extension part  in front of the fireplace, which means we will pretty much NEVER light a fire in it. So, I've been trying to think of fun things to do with it! Because it's the man cave, the bones are calling to me, but I fear that our Mastiff Truman would decide to gnaw on them, so I think the logs or the books would be the best idea. I've got to give this some more serious thought!