Thank God it's Friday!


Yeah, it was just one of those weeks! I am just SO VERY GLAD it's Friday! "Thank God it's Friday" just wasn't a strong enough sentiment this week. The past month has been nuts, I hurt my back (which sadly is not healing at a pace I'm happy with) had TONS of work, basically every hour of ever day was full, and the hubby was traveling for work quite a bit, so by the time this week rolled around, I was loosing it! Now, for the time being, I actually have a few weeks of relative calm on the wedding and event front! Which means I can finally document all the work I've been doing the past month, catch up on my home DIY projects, send out some past projects for submission to magazines and other blogs, do some fun little wedding projects and maybe even have time to cook and eat a real meal! Hurrah! I am planning to SLEEP in tomorrow! I hope you all have a great weekend!