DIY Drawer Knobs


 Oh Ikea Epedit shelves, how I love you. I have two Expedit bookshelves from Ikea in our dining room/ office and they are amazing. When we moved into our house, I knew that I would be using our dining room as my office. Since I'm pretty much almost always working,  I wanted my office to be in the center of things instead of being closed off in one of our extra bedrooms. So, when designing that room it needed to be easily converted from office to dining room and back again for the handful of times a year that we would actually need it to function as a dining room. Hence the Ikea Shelves, they are clean, and you can add in cabinets and drawers if you don't want open shelving. They are great for hiding all my Wouldn't it be Lovely supplies and also function as a banquet when we are using it as a dining room. So that's what I did, but I wanted something a little more unique for the drawer pulls. 

Which leads me to this weeks DIY project. Since I needed 20 knobs total, it basically ruled out buying special knobs from Anthro as they run about $8-15 each and there was no way in hell I was going to spend $160-$300 on knobs! So I bought some

little round wood knobs on Amazon

, got some olive colored spray paint from Michaels, pulled out some left over gold spray paint from the basement, and found the painters tape and I was good to go. Total cost, about $45.  


  1. Tape all the knobs at an angle with the painters tape
  2. Paint with the first color (olive)
  3. Let them dry and take off the tape
  4. Repeat the process, taping off a different area and spray paint the second color (gold)
  5. Once dry and tape is removed, use an exacto blade to scrape off any of the paint that leaked under the painters tape
  6. Coat with clear shellac spray paint, do at least two coats for a nice shiny finish. Let dry over night.
  7. Screw onto your dresser and you're good to go!