Custom Wedding Vow Art


Sometimes it's after your wedding that you think of little things you want to commemorate the day. I recently finished turning a lovely couples wedding vows into art. Jen and Dan wrote their own vows for their wedding day. They had such lovely and unique vows, that they wanted to put them on display. So that every day they could be reminded of the wonderful promises they made to one another.

When designing their vows, I drew inspiration from their wedding colors and general vintage feel. I painted these lavender and blue lace watercolor backgrounds. Then, I worked with the couple to pull out the most important words and phrases in their vows and illustrated them in hand done calligraphy. Then we filled in the rest of the vows with a clean and modern contrasting font. That way, when people walk by, the most important and meaningful parts of their vows literally pop off the page. It was so great working with them to create a meaningful piece art that will be in their home forever!