Ordinary Objects, Extraordinary Design


 So there are things that every house needs, those ordinary objects that we just can't do without.  Why not swap your ordinary objects with extraordinary designs! Here are some products that you can find in every household, but these versions refuse to be overlooked!

Happy Dustpan

: My current dustpan is just a shoddy little plastic thing from ikea, I think the $14 upgrade to this happy dustpan is totally worth it! Being metal means it will probably have a long and happy life too!

Fabric Covered Extension Cord:

I wouldn't mind tripping over an extension cord so much if it were as beauteous as this one.

Cloud Hangers

: I mean they're awesome right??

Whale Song Radio

: Ok, so this isn't really an ordinary object, I thought it was just a regular radio until I read the product description in detail, but it's so pretty that I decided to pretend it's something everyone has. I mean whale sounds could be used like a white noise machine right?

Hedgehog Shoe Cleaner and Door Stop

: I love this cute little fella, and combining a shoe brush and a door stop is ingenious!

Little Watering Cans:

I currently have an enormous watering can, and it's a bear to carry around. I have a black thumb, but maybe if I had this cute little watering can I would remember to water my plants more?