Ordinary Objects as Art


 I haven't done an art post in a while and thought it was about time for another! Today I wanted to focus on ordinary objects that have been transformed into art with just a little but of paint, vision, and creativity!

Painted Oars

: These painted oars by Norquay are amazing, they run about $225 a pice but are really amazing and impactful. These could also make an amazing DIY project!

Painted Leaves

: This takes pressing flowers or leaves to another level. Putting a couple painted leaves in a nice clean frame makes for some lovely wall art.

Painted Antlers

 and Ax: I love these painted antlers and painted tools from Cassandra Smith, she has a wonderful eye for adding color to ordinary objects and elevating them to art.

Log Bowl

: These log bowls from Loyal Loot are amazing. They're pricy, $75-$335 each, but can you imagine what an impact a cluster of these would make on a wall?

Graphic Saw:

 Another basic tool made fabulous with a well chosen quote and amazing hand lettering!