Hand Lettering: Luck Favors the Prepared


All the women in my family are amateur hoarders. Not hoarders in the scary sense, there are still clear pathways through their houses, but every storage space is packed.  The hoarding tenancy lessens with each generation, My grandmother and great aunt could not go into a Christmas tree shop and leave without a basket full of tsotchkes. My mom on the other hand cannot part with old furniture, tools, scrap metal, or a broken window that could have a second life down the road. For me, hording manifests in things I could make awesome. If inspiration hits, I almost always have all the necessary tools and objects to create something fun. That being said, I could really use more storage space! As Edna Mode from The Incredibles, would say, "Luck favors the prepared." Come the zombie apocalypse, we'll be able to hold our own because of everything my family members have saved!