DIY: Quick Party Photo Display


This past weekend was one of my good friends bachelorette party. We all stayed at a house in New Hampshire and had a weekend full of fun! As we prepared for the party, we knew we had lots of photos we wanted to display and wanted to do it ahead of time so it would be simple to set up. We decide to make a photo curtain that we could make before hand and easily assemble once we got there.


  1. Ribbon, LOTS of it.
  2. Photos, a plethora of them! 
  3. Double sided tape
  4. Scissors
  5. Command Hooks
  6. Sewing machine (optional, you can tape or staple the ribbon to make loops as well)


  1. Cut ribbon in 6 ft lenghts, I cut the ends in Vs for a nice extra touch
  2. Sew, tape, or staple ends in a loop
  3. Attach pictures to the ribbon leaving space in-between and backing each photo with another photo so the ribbons can turn and be appreciated from both sides
  4. Once all your photos are attached, adhere the command hooks to two opposing walls (doorways work the best) cut ribbon the length of the doorway and tie loops on the ends.
  5. Thread photo ribbons through the other ribbon and hang in the doorway! 
  6. You're all set and the photos are ready to be viewed, and times reminisced with all your guests!