DIY Bachelorette Dinosaur Crown


 For those of who planning a bachelorette party and not wanting to go the traditional route of male privates made into crowns, necklaces, and more, I thought I would share this little tiara veil that I made for my friends bachelorette. I made her a dino crown because when we were little she had this amazing dino stuffed animal that came everywhere with her. Lets just say, she was much happier to wear the dino crown than the alternative!


  1. Pre made veil (I got a children's veil at Michaels for only $10)
  2. A clear hair comb
  3. Floral wire
  4. Gold spray paint
  5. Fake flowers or greenery
  6. Two small plastic animal kids toys. 


  1. Wire your animals to the comb, make sure to attach them at multiple points 
  2. Wire your  greenery together so that it's mirrored on each side. then attach it to the comb behind the animals
  3. Spray paint the whole shebang and let it dry
  4. Attach the veil with the wire behind the spray painted bit and you're ready to go!