Back To School Supplies for Adults


Ok, so we've all been barraged lately with back to school shiznit for the kiddos. As cool as kids back to school/ back to college things can be, as an adult, I want better designed and well made products for my office. These are some "back to school" items that I've been lusting over,

  1. Metal Folder Holder: I love how colorful this would be sitting on your desktop, It's also great because it can shrink to take up less space when not holding much, and expand for those busier times.
  2. Pencil holder: I am obsessed with this pencil holder. Its designed like those old straw dispensers you'd find in diners, but the wood and brass details just take it over the top. Too bad I can't justify $80 for a pencil holder. It's on my wish list!
  3. Dodo iPad Case: These are the cutest iPad cases around. I have major guilt over reading books solely on my kindle and iPad. I used to go to the book store on a weekly basis, and there is nothing I like more than curling up with a REAL book. After getting the kindle however, I succumbed to the lower prices and convenience of having every book at my fingertips! I think having a case like this would help my guilt because at least it would make my iPad LOOK like a real book!  
  4. Wood Tape Dispensers: Do I really need to say anything about these Washi tape dispensers? Their wood, cute and hold the amazing creation that is washi tape. What's not to love?
  5. Handmade Metal Shears: I love pretty scissors, I already have a pair with gold handles, but these just have the most amazing shape!