HOME: Inspiration for Kitchen Shelves


1. Window Shelf

2. Blue Lower Shelf

3. White Lower Level Shelf

4. Floating Lower Level Shelf

5. Corner Shelves

6. Slot Shelves

When we moved into our house, the kitchen really needed some love. We didn't have the money to do any major rehab, so it was a bunch of DIY projects and it's still not quite done. I painted all our cabinets, we got a new countertop and new appliances (except the frig, we'll do that soon hopefully). I've been holding off on the backsplash because I've been thinking about moving our top cabinets. Right now there is about 7 inches between the top of the upper cabinets and the ceilings, it's a complete waste of space as not much fits up there, and it's a pain to get things down from there. I've decided that I want to take them down and rehang them so they are flush with the ceiling. It sounds hard, but it really should be a weekend project. Once I move them up, I really want to put a shelf below them like in some of these pictures. Kitchens are places that need MAXIMUM storage. I figure if I add those shelves, and some shelves in one of the corners where I can put my cake stands, some of my current storage issues should be solved! I'm hoping to tackle this project when we get back from Asia. These images are the perfect inspiration to get me excited to do that!