Asia Travel Part Three: Bangkok and Chiang Mai


  Ok so let me start off by saying, our day at Elephant Nature Preserve in Chiang Mai was the BEST DAY EVER. It is a truly amazing place, were they have made a home for elephants rescued from all over Thailand. The stories of the elephants lives before they were saved are heartbreaking, the abuse and neglect these elephants suffered is tragic and all too common. That being said, they are now living in an amazing environment where their caregivers open up their doors to tourists to help give them the life they deserve. We were able to feed, bathe and spend time with the elephants for a full day. I was ecstatic, to say the very least (as you can see from my manic grin in the photo above). I just have to say, if weren't a designer, I'd follow my 10 year old selfs dream of working with elephants or dolphins (I'd take the poor pay to have an elephant bestie).

On another note, Bangkok was pretty fabulous also. The Grand Palace, Wat Arun, and Wat Pho were beautiful and unlike anything I've ever seen.  Bangkok feels different from other Asian cities I've visited. It has so much character, which is saying something in a world that increasingly feels like "anywhereville" where cities can start to feel interchangeable because of outside global influences. The tuk-tuks, temples, and ambiance make it memorable and unique. Next stop, Krabi, for some quality beach time.