Youthful & Fun Home Decor


I've expressed before my love for decor with character, items that are playful and different. I've been listening lately to the new Michael Buble album, and there is one song, "Young at Heart" that is just so sweet and really resonates with me. I wanted to devote a post to decorating when you are young at heart. These items all have an air of youth and whimsy. From a sketch like stitched headboard, a swing side table, and a hedgehog q-tip holder, each seems to have it's own voice and personality. Let your decor express how you are young at heart!

  1. Stitched Upholstered Headboard: This feels so imperfect and sketch-like.
  2. Side Table Swing: I think everyone should have an indoor swing.
  3. Hedgehog: I love how it was specifically designed to hold q-tips to complete the design. Genius.
  4. Little Door: Yes, I want a little mouse house.
  5. Piano Doorbell: I'll only let you in if your song is pretty.
  6. Baby Camel: Photographer Sharon Montrose has this whole series of baby animals, adorable.
  7. Candy Necklace Light: I have no words for how much I love this.
  8. Owl: Johnathan Adler is awesome and JCP is carrying a lovely collection by him.