What I Bought at Brimfield


 As I said last Friday, I love the

Brimfield Antique Fair

. I figured it would be fun to show you what I bought and where they ended up in our house! First, a giant lightbulb and a giant ampersand ("&"). The light bulb was an impulse, only $10, and I knew it would be a fun decorative accessory somewhere in the house. The giant solid aluminum ampersand weighs about 30lbs and was not fun to carry around the market for two hours after I bought it. It was $30 and I knew it would be another fun decorative accessory. They both ended up on our

pipe shelf

in the living room. It was time to rearrange it a bit anyway! My next purchase was a big metal arrow. Previously, in our upstairs hallway, I had a super wide piece of art there that didn't really fit the space. I knew I wanted something more sculptural and narrow there. When I saw this big metal arrow I knew it would be perfect, at only $60 how could I say no? Last but not least, to add to my owl collection, a little owl trivet art piece that was only $15 found it's new home on our kitchen wall!  Love Brimfield, now the only question is, do I go again in September?