Off to Asia!


1. My photo from Vietnam   2.




On Sunday, I leave for three weeks in Asia! I've prepared lots of posts for while I'm gone, so no fear, there will still be a new post for each week day! My first stop is Ho Chi Mihn City in Vietnam, I had to count the visas in my passport to figure out how many times I've been, this will be my 8th trip to Vietnam since I started working at Reebok about 5 years ago. The top picture above is from one of my very first trips. I'll be there for a week, and while in Vietnam I'll be mostly in the factories with some good food stops after hours. Next stop is Fuzhou, China, where I'll be in more factories for a couple of days. THEN it's off to Thailand for a 10 day vacation! Chris will be flying over to meet me in Bangkok, where we will stay to explore for a couple of days, then it's on to Chiang Mai, where we'll be going to an elephant reserve!! Last stop is the island of Krabi, which will be beautiful and looks amazing! I'm hoping to post little updates each Friday while I'm gone to share some of the fun and crazy things I've been doing! So keep checking in for new content each day and a travel check in at the end of each week!