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Blue Glider

 $800   2.

Mod Seer Sucker

 $750   3.

Classic Yellow

 $279   4.

My Dream Chair

 $1,150   5.

Chester Arm Chair

 $700   6.

Mod Printed Slim Chair


I have no current need or place for a side chair. If I did, I would probably buy vintage and reupholster it. That being said, there are some awesome side chairs out there for those of you who may need one! These are some of my current favorites. When I thought I might need one, I really could not find many that met my needs for under $650. All of the options (like the yellow one from target), that are in the under $300 range, are much slimmer, not exactly the "curl up to read a book" chair I was looking for. So, if you want a big, comfortable, and still stylish chair, you may end up spending a bit more. I really think the price goes up when you are trying to combine comfort AND style. Lots of comfy barka-loungers out there, I just can't bring myself to accept that comfort must come with cup holders imbedded in enormous padded arms.