Happy Independence Day! Bake a Mini Apple Pie!

Happy Fourth of July! Nothing says summer to me like apple pie, and as I like everything better in miniature, I decided to make some little apple pies for the occasion! Follow your favorite apple pie recipe, but make (or buy) double the pie crust. I used a cupcake tin, no liners, and pam'ed and flowered each cup. I then used a large circle cookie cutter to cut a bunch of circles for the bottoms and tops of each pie. With mini pies you also have to cut the apples for your filling much smaller than you would for a traditional pie. I cut mine about the size of skittles.  Line the bottom of the cupcake pan with one of the circles, spoon in your filling, and put on the top. Put them in the oven, I cooked mine for around 25 min at 400 degrees. An important tip, make sure to take them out of the pan right when you take them out of the oven or all the apple goo will glue them into the pan and they will NEVER come out in one piece! Enjoy your mini pies and the 4th of July!! I'll be taking Friday off from blogging for the holiday! Enjoy the long weekend!